Since I started learning JSF, most of my development has been done in either NetBeans 5.5 or Eclipse 3.2. Whilse both of these are good IDE’s, they don’t provide any great visual support for JSF development.
Now that I understand the basics of JSF, I’m going to try using the features of the IDE more to become more productive – there’s no point learning a technology if it takes forever to write applications in it!! I still maintain that its useful to learn a technology using the bare basics (e.g. editing the faces config XML file manually), but when you’ve done that a few times it starts to get a bit repetative and boring and thats where a good IDE becomes useful.
I’ve decided to try using Oracle JDeveloper 10g. I initially wanted to use Sun’s Java Studio Creator, but had problems getting this to run under Java 5 on a Mac.
Initial impressions about JDeveloper seem to be good. It has a visual page flow editor together with a visual drag and drop page designer. I’ve managed to develop a few JSF applications (running internally on OC4J) and then deploy them externally to GlassFish without any major problems.
Are there any other visual JSF editors that other developers use? I’m quite happy with JDeveloper at the moment, but I’d be interested to hear what other developers use.

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