In a previous post, I specified my JSF URL mapping as *.jsf . If however, you try to access the JSP page that contains the JSF code directly (e.g. browse to hello.jsp instead of hello.jsf), then JSF will throw an IllegalStateException. It took me a few minutes to work out what the exception means, but in this case the description is rather obvious.
java.lang.IllegalStateException: No FacesContext is available to process this request. 
This is most likely due to the request being sent to the wrong path.
2/8/2011 06:21:08 pm

could u plz tell me how did u resolve this problem, coz I couldnt fix it up, and could u plz send it to my e-mail box

2/8/2011 06:21:44 pm

This is why I don’t like JSF (or mostly any Java library for that matter): when you do something wrong, the errors you get is almost almost useless. I mean, according to you, this is an obvious error (!)


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