The Data Platform Insider blog details how Microsoft have announced the first CTP of the SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site. The toolkit works with MySQL 4.1, 5.0 and 5.1
“Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) 2008 is a toolkit that dramatically cuts the effort, cost, and risk of migrating from MySQL to SQL Server 2008 and SQL Azure. SSMA 2008 for MySQL v1.0 CTP1 provides an assessment of migration efforts as well as automates schema and data migration.”
Thanks to Paul Thurott for the original link.
I use Joomla on a couple of sites, and discovered one of them had crashed this morning with an error:
DB function failed with error number 145
Table ‘.\joomla\jos_session’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired SQL=….
Googling, I found that the solution to this was to truncate the jos_session database table however I was unable to log onto the database using the mysql command line tool.
I found that restarting the database service and then truncating the table however did the track and everything is now back working.