In Oracle, the default page and line size settings for SQLPlus are 14 lines per page and 80 characters per line respectively. This can make viewing large result sets difficult when using SQLPLus.

Fortunately, these settings can easily be changed using the SET command:
set linesize 1000
set pagesize 1000

Executing these commands however only changes the settings for the current instance of SQLPlus. The next time you run it, the values default back to their original values. If these settings are placed in a file calledlogin.sql in the current working directory however, they will be loaded when SQLPlus starts.
I’m managing a Windows 2003 systems and one of the things that I want to do is know how long the system has been up since rebooted.

On a Unix system I can issue a uptime command to see when the system was last rebooted. This command doesn’t natively exist on Windows though.

On a Win2K3 server however, you can get the uptime by issuing the following command:
net statistics workstation